Beauty School 101: How to Just Say No

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Hey Chicas,

I think all of us cosmetic junkies have run into the pushy overbearing sales person at our favorite cosmetic counter. We all know they work on commission and they are just trying to earn their paycheck, but when you go to just have a look, or don’t know what to buy and are seeking their advice we shouldn’t have to worry about them taking advantage of us at the same time. We want to get what we want and not feel as thought we’ve been taken, and we want to leave satisfied and happy with the purchases we've made!

Here are a few tips to learn how to navigate your favorite makeup counter without getting bullied, spending too much, or leaving smelling like bad perfume.

While the makeup counter at department stores or specialty beauty boutiques can seem like a virtual candyland for the beauty obsessed, it can also be an intimidating place to shop. Many of the products are truly luxurious and worth scouting out, but the vast selection can be overwhelming. Salespeople can be helpful and sweet — but sometimes they’re pretentious and pushy. And the prices? Well, it’s hard to decide if they really are worth it. Help is on the way!

Have a plan. Before you hit the store, take an inventory of what beauty products you already have and note what's missing. Use this to create a list of what you’re interesting in browsing the aisles for. It could be as zeroed-in as the exact shade and brand of foundation you normally use — or as general as a new everyday cream blush. If you have the time browse the internet first to see what you might be interested in from recent collections and such. Remember you don’t need EVERYTHING! Also make sure you use a product up until it’s at its end so before you repurchase. If you don’t have specific products in mind, then you could easily be swayed into buying whatever the brand or store is promoting that week or month.

Be blunt. Don't let salespeople intimidate or sway you, Some will try to walk you through every single lipstick color the company makes, which can be anything but helpful! If you don't want their help, then simply and politely say so. Tell them you’ll ask for their help when and if you need it. And what about those overzealous perfume sprayers? Just tell them you're allergic!

Trust your instincts. Sure, salespeople can help introduce you to new products and treatments — and that can make you feel like you’ve found buried treasure. But if you’re being talked into buying something that you know really isn’t right for your complexion or skin type, go with your gut and say no, thank you. Or tell them you would like to look around some more before you purchase anything.

Step into the light. Department store lighting can be very misleading, especially when you’re buying foundation so, before you buy this product, step outside the store and look at the foundation on your face in the daylight. The natural light will give you a better idea of what you’ll look like when you're away from those dreadful fluorescent bulbs. Also have a makeup artist apply the foundation on your entire face and wear it for the day, see how your skin reacts and get a feel for the amount of coverage and staying power of the foundation, before you commit to buying it.

Don't be dazzled. Makeup-counter products are marketed to an upscale clientele, so froufrou packaging is par for the course (and this, of course, helps inflate the price tags). Hint: Beware of all that glitter! Just because a cream is housed in a beautiful glass jar or smells like a rainy day in Hawaii doesn't mean it's the best product on the market. Many drugstore brands deliver results that are just as great as — if not better than — department store products. Before you plunk down the cash, ask your dermatologist, friends, or research the product on-line (i.e. YouTube, Blogspot, Google, or Bing) for recommendations and information on a product. Compare the ingredients of high-end cosmetics to drugstore brands. Ask for a free trial of a product — and be honest with yourself when evaluating the results.

Get rewarded. Already have a favorite brand or retailer? Sign up for its rewards program if there is one. Many of these programs offer members discounts galore and even birthday gift cards. This translates into free beauty loot as you rack up the points, like at, for example, they have a Beauty Insider program that is free to sign up and they’re not chintzy either. Think good-quality lip gloss and eye makeup trios — substantial stuff! Who wouldn't love that?

I hope this post helps you out. Happy Shopping!

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