Daily VIRGO Horscopes

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Daily Horoscopes for VirgosAugust 23 - September 22

Time spent examining your thoughts and feelings can provide you with some valuable information that yields an important discovery.

Daily:In order to take advantage of changing circumstances, status and security goals need rethinking. Your career is a focus for this, but your home and family situation is also involved. Finances--purchases, investments and credit could stand some clear thinking now. Getting in over your head where such things are concerned can happen before you know it, so keep an eye on the bottom line. This is a time that marks the end of a number of years of hard work--a kind of apprenticeship that has taken place will now be coming to an end. Now you begin to move upward and outward. A number of very successful years are in the forecast, during which the world should bend to your lead. A new hobby may lead to new passions or extra income.

Your cheerful, tolerant attitude this Sunday makes this a good time for romance or social gatherings. This Monday is a good time to resolve any difficulties that keep you from your goals. You will see improvements in many areas of your life . . . you appropriately feel honor and pride. Discussions this Tuesday tend to be intellectual and psychological. Organize your responsibilities and gain control of your objectives. Enjoy your family tonight. Going back to the blackboard, so to speak, is just what this Wednesday is all about; particularly this morning. You work at getting things right. At home this evening--share a positive message with others. Talk about upcoming events and stay out of the financial doghouse for now. In order to take advantage of changing circumstances, status and security goals need rethinking this Thursday. Your career is a focus for this, but your home and family situation is also involved. A new hobby may lead to new passions or extra income. This Friday you concentrate on organizing your desk, your duties and your organization skills. A desired opportunity will come to you if you are patient. Stay centered! Involvement in artistic pursuits and volunteer or social service is favorable this Saturday.

You have a down-to-earth plan that can bring you closer to what you want now. But putting your scheme into practice is more complicated than it looks, especially with elusive Neptune transiting your 6th House of Work. Having a general strategy to reach your goals in some indefinite future may seem important, but it's much more crucial now to choose what makes the most sense in the present moment.

You're sure that you're getting a handle on long-term goals when Mercury enters earthy Taurus and your 9th House of Future Vision on April 2, yet it's wise to consider any current plan as a rough draft. That's because rational Mercury makes a U-turn and goes retrograde on April 18, starting three weeks of review and revision that can alter your aspirations or the way you intend to reach them. Travel and education are particularly susceptible to last-minute changes.
Responsible Saturn is already retrograde, but its reentry into Virgo on April 7 -- where it stays until July 21 -- is another signal that you may have to retreat and reorganize before you can advance. Don't despair if you find yourself addressing personal problems you thought were behind you. Saturn's final visit to your sign enables you to become even more successful in dealing with unresolved issues.
Keep in Mind this Month the slower you go the farther you'll get. A more deliberate approach will radically reduce the mistakes that would otherwise cost you time and energy.

If anyone deserves a raise -- or just some praise -- it's definitely you. If you can be patient about it, you should get what you deserve and all the good things that go along with it, including the pride and self-respect that come with knowing when to speak up for yourself. In the meantime, you should know that being proud of yourself is enough to get you through even the very worst of times.

Monday and Tuesday, you're as excited as a kid in an ice-cream parlor. Your love life is going well -- either with a new romantic interest or a long-standing relationship -- and, actually, if there's an ice cream store near you, that might make for a great date. Wednesday and Thursday, your excitement spills over into other aspects of your life, and you might be compelled to buy new shelves or take a different bus to work. Change, you're beginning to understand, is awesome. Friday and Saturday, the details of your life suddenly seem incredibly confusing. Enjoy the madness.

Your intense intellectual drive has been your chief ally before in your quest to figure it all out (particularly at work). And it will be again on the 1st. So eat a nice brain-food-rich breakfast, lunch and dinner, and be sure to work out to get the blood flowing to your topmost appendage and let that brain of yours go, go, go. By the 4th, 5th and 6th, there's romance to be had and, by golly, you are going to have it! If someone says something that is so incredibly stupid you can't believe it on the 9th or 10th, hold your tongue. It may not be as stupid as you think, and even if it is, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all (remember?). You've got a big plan in the works on the 13th, so it's extra important not to overextend yourself. Detail-orientation is key on the 17th. Do something you've been wishing you had time to do on the 23rd and 24th. It's going to be a great couple of days! End the month on the 30th with a tall, cool lemonade. Add a sprig of mint. Relax. Ah!

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  1. Marie
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    Nice post, will check out my horoscope too!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!


  2. J-Ezzy
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    Nice post, I love checking my horoscope, I'm a Libra and I'm all they say I am!!


  3. MakeupByKaylena
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    Thanks! I think I might start doing a horoscope post every Monday, but I dont know if i should do everyones or just mine :/



  4. MakeupByKaylena
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    Thnx hun!
    My son is a Libra too!
    I know I love checking mine too, I think they describe me to a T!



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