Project 365- 357, 356, 355, 354

by MakeupByKaylena on 2:51 PM

Hey Chicas,

Here is another installment of some pictures I've shot for Project 365.
Very simple pictures that I think will make a good time capsule for the future.

I know I will look back on this project and I'll remember these times and these photographs. To be able to capture a moment in time through  photography is something to treasure.

I will probably keep doing this little "project" because it's made me realized how much I really do love photography and it reminds me of the passion I had for it in my youth, before my life got so busy!


This first random picture is of my iPod. I really wanted this iPod touch and I've had it for a while now, and I love it. I just recently downloaded some of my fav. tunes from iTunes. I love this song and it just happend to be the song I was listening to at 10:33am this morning while drinking coffee, checking email, comments on my blog, Twitter and the all the normal website!

Here is a picture from a shoot a while ago. I looveed this look and wanted to do a manipulation with this photo from this series. I chose this picture. I added high contrast and input more red levels to give a "vintage rocker vibe" to the photograph. I love the way it turned out! I added a few vector style bubbles to the 2 corners and rounded the edges a bit to give it more of a vintage feel as well!

The next picture is of the grass in my back yard. It's in desperate need of a raking! I'm sure from the collage up above you couldn't see all the little critters hiding around! Aren't they cute! ^_^

Lastly, is a present I got from my son (and his aunt) for Mother's Day! It's such a beautiful piece. It's an angel holding a little baby.
It says, "Of all things great and small, and mother's love is best of all."
It's so darling, I think I will hang it in my office.
I miss my baby, he's now a 2 year old toddler, but I can still see his baby-ness when he's sleepy at night and wants to cuddle with his mommy.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Fintia'> May 13, 2010 at 3:31 PM
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    Nice pics! have a great day/ night!


  2. Makeup Majesty'> May 13, 2010 at 10:18 PM
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    love it! you seem to be keeping up with the project, that's awesome. I want to start it too! =)


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